I’ve attended Cannes as film critic for two decades, but have been shooting stills and video only since 2006. Here is all the Cannes-related video and photography on the site. – BDJ


All photos by Brian D. Johnson © BDJ Films

Cannes 2016

Cannes 2014

Cannes 2013

Cannes 2012

Cannes 2011


Cannes Encore (2008)

Cannes Carousel (205)

Richard Dreyfuss in the Jaws of Cannes (2013)

Wall Street Boogie (2010)

Carey Mulligan (2010)

Almodóvar and Cruz (1999)

Naomi Rapace (2010)

Mick Jagger (2010)

Francis Ford Coppola (2009)

Being Charlie Kauffman (2008)

Mike Tyson (2008)

James Toback (2008)

The Death of Journalism (2008)

Gael Garcia Bernal (2006)

The Da Vinci Road (2006)

Sofia Coppola (2006)

Steve Coogan (2006)




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